Question for the mods (or whoever, really).


First thing, I know nothing about CSS or any smart computer talk (sorry guys). That being said, I was curious about the possibility of flair for /r/NHRA. I don’t know what all has been done for flair or if anyone is liking the idea of flair.

Secondly, and this bums me out, is the fact that /r/NHRA is insanely quiet. I think this sub has potential to draw more users in, so I wanted to know what the mods (and my fellow NHRA lovers) thought about a Twitter page to help draw in fans. I’ll be more than happy to do my part to help this sub grow (but I won’t act without their approval). If /r/NASCAR has one that’s extremely active and interactive, I believe we should too, solely to help us grow and try to become one of the best motorsport-related subreddits around.

What do you think, /r/NHRA?


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