New to NHRA (kinda) – Team Force…


Greeting folks!
Just recently I subscribed to pay TV (In Australia) and stumbled across the NHRA a month or so ago and have been sort of hooked ever since. I have been following, around, and involved in motorsports for most of my adult life (bikes, karts and circuit racing), so I am aware of a few names, but I’ve not really been “Into” the NHRA before.

Anyhow, I know that John Force is very much an accomplished driver, with his 10 titles and all, but what I want to know is how do the real fans feel about him. The few interviews I have seen of him he comes across a bit weird (I.E., a few meets ago, when he ran against Jack Beckman in qualifying, lost, then proceeded to have a massive dummy spit when he was interviewed).

I also find it “amusing” – when ever the girls run, they get interviewed, win, loose or crash. Yeah, I get it that they are some decent eye candy, but seriously? How about some exposure of some of the other drivers!

Anyhow, curious to hear opinions.



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