Experience with NHRA Nationals at Bandimere (Denver)?


From Colorado, but now live in Seattle. I try to go to the northwest nationals as often as I can, but was thinking of a weekend trip to see the show in Denver, and take the parents along for their first time.

Does this event sell out? It will probably be a last minute decision to go for me due to work. Seattle we just drive down and buy general admission which is never a problem, and then try to sneak our way into better stands later in the event. Last year they cracked down a little more even on Saturday. I’ve always thought saturday had the most to see, so would probably go friday or saturday. Comments on that in general, regardless of track? Pretty much the same number of runs but the crowd is more spread out in the pits is my thinking since every team is doing a reset.

Looks like paying to sit on the west side is worth it. Evening race, sun blasting you in the face if you take the cheap seats on the east. True statement? Looks like the west side grandstands are steeper for better viewing and dump you right into nitro alley as well (out the top of the stands on the hill?), which would be super nice. Just looking at pictures from the seating chart. Worth the $10 to be over there?

Any other advice, comments or thoughts about attending a race at Bandimere for myself or anyone else that happens to be reading?

Edit: preferred seats? Looks like the west side doesnt have any annoying handrails or section dividing fences like seattle has. True? Some seats here look great on the map but you can’t see shit while sitting.


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