My encounter with Don “The Snake” Prudhomme


I think some of you guys could appreciate this.

Several years back, Don Prudhomme’s race team worked out of Vista, CA. This is when Ron Capps and Larry Dixon was racing for him.

At the time, my Aunt was Ron Capps personal accountant, and he told her to invite us to his shop in Vista one day.

So my Dad, Brother and I (we were teenagers at the time) went to the shop and were waiting in the lounge area for Mr. Capps to come out.

While we were waiting, Don Prudhomme walks in and asks us if we had been helped yet. My Dad, not knowing who he was, said “yea, we’re good, thanks!”. Meanwhile, my brother and I were too busy picking our jaws up off the floor. The dude was such a legend I couldn’t even say hi lol.

Anyways, Ron Capps came out and gave us a tour of his shop. He seemed a bit rushed but was nice as could be and gave us a thorough tour. We saw the inside of his motorhome, we got to see Larry Dixon’s top fuel car (Miller Lite at the time), and was just really impressed with how down to earth Ron Capps was. This was in 2003 or so, I think. He was driving the Cope car.

Since then he has obviously turned into one of the all-time greats and I will always be a fan of his. Pretty special experience and my brother and I still talk about that day.


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