My speech from Mark Lyle Memorial


Miss you dad.

On behalf of my family, thank you for all your love and support during this time.
Just over four months ago, we lost my dad, who was also a son, a brother, a grandfather and an uncle.
He died in a sudden, tragic, but ultimately heroic incident.

Today, we are surrounded by my father’s extended family; fellow crew members, racers, and fans.
In what could’ve been a dark time, I have been able to find so much light to know the love and adoration my dad was surrounded with and that same love and adoration has continued in his absence.
I will always know who my dad was to me and I will have those memories, but I lose myself in the day dream of all the hopes and wishes of what could’ve been.
Your stories and your tributes have helped me to stay strong and be proud of the life my dad lived.

I never had the chance to say goodbye to my dad and did not get that closure.
Tonight, I want my dad to know he was loved, respected and admired. His impact extended well beyond our family.
But most importantly, I want him to know we knew he loved us too; every sporting event, or graduation he attended, any email, or text exchange, we felt his love, it was that simple.

On behalf of my dad, some of his best advice;

Be genuine.
If you’re not happy, change it.
If you have a dream, pursue it. It’s never too late.
Don’t succumb to adversity. Hard work pays off.
Cherish every moment, as if it were your last.

I love you dad!

Chris Lyle


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