Question About First NHRA Event


So this past weekend I visited Memphis and went to the World Series of Drag Racing. Being a complete novice to drag racing I didn’t realize there was a difference between IHRA and NHRA. I would say I was disappointed since there were *only* 2 Top Fuel and 4 Funny Car. However it was the most visceral and addicting experience of my life. Once it was over I immediately got on the computer to see where the next event was that was doable for me and my wife.

For us it’s the Triple A Midwest Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park right outside St. Louis.

My question is did I do my self a disservice by only purchasing a Sunday ticket and missing ALL of the qualifying rounds on Saturday? This is an extremely long drive for us, and if we were to buy the 3 day pass, plus 2 night hotel, food, gas it was quickly becoming a $1,000 trip.

Instead by just going on Sunday I’ve got the trip down to about $450ish.

However I’ve been reading that the qualifying rounds can be amazing because the drivers truly let loose. I suppose I could still purchase 2 tickets to Saturday’s races, but that would put our ticket prices now over what it would have cost for a 3 day pass and due to the drive there is no way we’d make it Friday night to make that extra day worth it.

Lastly any tips or thoughts to make our experience better would be super appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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