John Force Racing Got Sued by Ex-Employees


Some of you may have heard about this in the past but there is more to the story then what was released.

A few years back there was a lawsuit brought upon John Force Racing by ex-employees. The lawsuit was for team members not being paid for hours worked and (this is the more interesting and lesser known part) John Force himself had both verbally and physically abused some of the employees. Now as far as the verbal part, who’s boss doesn’t? But in regards to the physical abuse, there was a instants where one of the team members was helping John Force out while he was in the drivers seat of the car and John Force with his helmet on in an angered state headbutted the team member…….OUCH!

The lawsuit pretty much seemed to be quietly swept under a rug as JFR and the ex-employees reached an agreement and settled out of court. I’m not exactly sure of all of the specifics but I can say that one of the ex-employees involved in the lawsuit walked away with a few hundred thousand dollars. Knowing that there were a number of individuals involved, I think that it’s safe to say that this lawsuit cost JFR several million dollars.


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