Tips for a 1-st Time Spectator


First off, apologies if this post doesn’t conform to the subreddit rules…

I read somewhere (Reddit, probably) that watching, hearing and feeling Top Fuel dragsters is an indescribable experience. The closest to drag racing that I’ve seen are tractor pulls and ill-advised Friday nights in high school, so I know nothing.

But, as schedules happen to be, I’ll be close enough to Joliet, IL during the NHRA Route 66 Nationals in May/June this year and I’m interested in attending.

Can you fine folk explain what I should expect as a first-time spectator (or point me to information online)? Is it 6-year-old friendly? I assume ear protection is a must, anything else I should bring? General Admission vs Reserved Seating? Would Friday be a good balance between not-quite-as-crowded and still seeing (hear & feeling) Top Fuel?


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