TF / FC advancements since the 80’s?


I was watching a few old Main Event videos and Kenny Bernstein Explains Drag Racing over the weekend, and I was blown away when they proclaimed that Funny Cars / Top Fuel class were capable of ‘speeds over 250 mph!’ and running the quarter mile in ‘under 7 seconds!’

I’ve been a casual fan of drag racing since I was a little kid, and it never occurred to me how much has changed within my lifetime.

I’ve found dozens of articles about FC / TF cars and how they achieve their current performance, but I’ve found little explaining what advancements have been made since the late 80’s that got them from 250 to 300+ mph, and from 2,000hp to 8,000.

Can anyone point me to an article that breaks down the evolution of these cars over the past few decades, or give me a few quick bullet points on what’s actually changed?

Thanks in advance.


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