Comp Cams BSR Shaft Rocker System for LS Engines

Comp Cams BSR Shaft Rocker System for LS Engines

When it comes to high-RPM LS valvetrain, we know that Comp Cams is one of the leaders in innovation. Just look at the 11,000-rpm LS project dubbed Spinal Tap. While that may seem like a pie-in-the-sky project, Comp has been working on high-RPM-capable valvetrain components for the average enthusiast. Enter, the BSR high-lift shaft rocker system.

“[The BSR system] is the first shaft-style rocker design that bolts on to a stock LS cylinder head,” says Matt Patrick, Comp Cams’ Director of Product Development. “Unlike typical trunnion upgrades, the BSR allows the rocker arm to stand on its own. What our shaft system does, is ties all the rocker arms together, so they are self-supporting. That provides a much stiffer valvetrain assembly, and it’s improved geometry gives the engine a higher lift and RPM capability.”

Interestingly, it uses OEM rocker bodies, which according to Comp have been proven to be capable in a performance application. Those rocker bodies are fitted with a solid, tri-metal bushing rather than the more typical roller bearing. “It’s a bushed bearing where the durable bushing acts as a single bearing, which eliminates the potential failure point of a more traditional needle bearing,” Patrick explains.

The BSR Shaft Rocker System uses OEM rocker bodies on a common shaft, with a solid bushed bearing, which is fed pressurized oil through the center of the shaft. This is one of those items at SEMA where you just say, “Wow.”

In addition to the durable bearing and stiffness enhancement, the shaft system has another upgrade which everyone should find useful. “There is a small hole in each bearing that goes into the center of the connecting shaft,” says Patrick. “The ends of the shaft are threaded, so that you can attach a banjo fitting, apply oil to it, and have forced oiling to the rocker arm bearings. For an endurance or road racing application, there simply isn’t a setup that will be more durable.”

However, Patrick mentions that the oiling system, and the BSR system as a whole isn’t a race only product, stressing, “There’s not an LS engine that wouldn’t benefit from these. They are ideal for street engines, drag racing, and road racing applications.” So whether you have an LS1, LS3, or LS7-style head the new BSR system will work for you.

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