Moving Fuel With Fuelab’s In-Tank H/E Series Fuel Pumps

Moving Fuel With Fuelab's In-Tank H/E Series Fuel Pumps

Fuelab has expanded its popular H/E Series of brushless twin-screw fuel pumps to meet the demands of its customers with an in-tank version. The in-tank pump is designed to work with any vehicle and incorporates the technology from the external series of pumps seamlessly into a new package, giving users more options on how they can design their fuel system.

Bringing a high level of efficiency to an in-tank pump was the design goal of these new units from Fuelab. The pumps draw very little current at just seven amps, and can do the job of several standard brushed pumps while drawing less power. The new pumps are able to maintain a high level of fuel pressure, if needed, so they can work with most fuel injected applications. There are three different liters per hour (LPH) versions of the pumps available; a 250 LPH that can support up to 625 HP, a 350 LPH pump that supports up to 850 HP, and finally a 500 LPH unit that will feed 1,250 HP. The pumps can be adapted to work in the stock locations of most fuel tanks.

To control the pump Fuelab created an externally mounted DC brushless fuel pump controller that can be mounted in a separate location. These controllers come in different versions that include one that runs at full speed all the time, one that uses a PWM input signal for variable speeds, and a 0-5 volt input signal version that can operate with variable speeds. The variable speed controllers allow the pump to function based on the demands of the system and be backed off if needed.

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