New Flying A 36- Foot Gooseneck Race Trailer

New Flying A 36- Foot Gooseneck Race Trailer

As the official trailer/motorcoach dealer of Dragzine, Flying A Motorsports’ extensive lineup of new and used motorhomes and toterhomes, race car trailers, stacker trailers, car haulers, and cargo trailers will be highlighted here in a monthly feature, Rig Of The Month.

The November featured trailer for racers is this new 2018 InTech 36-foot gooseneck race trailer. The overall quality of these InTech Trailers makes them one reason why Flying A Motorsports is one of the largest-stocking dealers of the brand in the United States. Their lot is currently filled with multiple  24- to 48-foot tag and gooseneck models.

“Every InTech Custom Aluminum Trailer is built utilizing an all aluminum, all tube, full perimeter frame,” says Alan Cape, President of Flying A Motorsports. “They concentrate on tag, gooseneck, stacker, and custom trailers. The fit and finish of each trailer is consistent and far above average.”

We asked Alan to tell us more about the quality of InTech products.  “I’m not trying to compare these trailers to, say a T&E custom-made trailer, but they also are not in that price range. For a middle-of-the-road guy who would buy a Pace or Haulmark trailer, they can probably stretch their budget and get an Intech product. The workmanship is just superior when it comes to the money spent.”

”The InTech difference in quality is ten times higher compared to a basic Pace or Haulmark trailer. They put them together with a lot of thought and engineering and attention to detail, and they really work,” says Cape.

The spread axle design such as featured on this gooseneck model is a very popular option right now with racers. This axle placement on either the tandem or triple-axle trailers by InTech also highlights individual fenderettes which provide a unique appearance.

“There is little to be said about towing improvement. These trailers pretty much have the same towing characteristics as trailers with standard axle spacing,” says Cape. “We do have many customers that comment on the braking quality on these trailers more than anything else when it comes to rolling down the highway.”

This specific headlined trailer has screw-less aluminum side walls with a one-piece aluminum roof. It has a 48-inch side door, a slide-out aluminum step, and 6-inches of extra interior height for comfortable trailer work in the pits.

Black rubber coin flooring is used on this trailer with eight 5000-pound rated D-rings pre-mounted in the floor. “The coin flooring is another example of quality. In many budget trailers, the coin floor is shrunk away from the wall with the plywood floor showing; an InTech won’t do that. It’s a matter of quality materials and attention to detail for sure,” says Cape.

What Cape describes as the “Icom Package” included in the 36-footer comprises a workbench, cabinets, 50-amp electrical service, and Bogie brand custom aluminum wheels. Cape says this package offered by InTech costs less money than if you piecemeal the options.

InTech designs and fabricates their aluminum cabinetry with the same attention to quality as their overall trailers. This unit has an 8-foot aluminum overhead cabinet, 8-foot aluminum L-shaped lower cabinet, and a 4-foot aluminum base cabinet in matching white aluminum.

InTech designs and fabricates their aluminum cabinetry with the same attention to quality as their overall trailers. This unit has an 8-foot aluminum overhead cabinet, 8-foot aluminum L-shaped lower cabinet and a 4-foot aluminum base cabinet in matching white aluminum.

When you look up in the trailer, you will see a 12-volt power roof vent for starters; what is inside of the ceiling structure is that it is braced and wired for a future roof A/C unit if wanted.

For power, this trailer has a 50-amp electrical service installed and comes with a 25-foot shore cord and a 60-amp converter. There is also a generator door and motor base in the gooseneck area ready for your generator.

Resting height adjustment for this trailer model is also a unique design. There is hand-crank style landing gear on the front combined with a hydraulic ram lift in the center. The hydraulics can easily adjust the height for hitching, loading, etc. And the landing gear is there for long-term support.

We asked Alan about the general weight differences of an aluminum trailer compared to something similar  built with a steel chassis, to which he shared, “Trailers average about 100- to 125-pounds per foot difference on a comparable trailer length between aluminum and steel construction. That can really add up with overall trailer weight.”

If you’re considering an aluminum tube frame gooseneck with unrivaled attention to detail, the InTech tag, gooseneck, and stacker trailer models are something to consider as a “step up” over standard economy trailers.

Trailer Specs:

  • New 2018 InTech 36′ Gooseneck Race Trailer
  • All Aluminum Tube Frame
  • Tandem 6K Dexter Torsion Axles
  • Electric Brakes on All Axles
  • Spread Axle Design with Individual Fenderettes
  • Screwless Aluminum Exterior
  • One Piece Aluminum Roof
  • Color Matched Rear Spoiler
  • Single Leg Hydraulic Landing Gear
  • Side Out Aluminum Step
  • Generator Door
  • 48″ Side Entrance Door
  • Bogie Wheels
  • 50 Amp Electrical Service
  • Generator Motorbase
  • 25- Foot Shore Cord
  • 60-Amp Converter
  • Screwless Aluminum Walls and Ceiling
  • 6″ Extra Interior Height
  • 12V Power Roof Vent
  • Braced and Wired for Future A/C
  • Black Coin Rubber Flooring
  • 8′ Aluminum Overhead Cabinet
  • 8′ Aluminum L-Shaped Lower Cabinet
  • 4′ Aluminum Base Cabinet
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Eight 5000 D-Rings
  • Tie Down Strap Hangers

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