Newbie headed to Ennis this weekend


Newish to NHRA at the actual track and I had some dumb questions. I did try to google my answers but haven’t had much luck. So please be nice and mods can delete if I’m in the wrong spot.

1 – saturday is the day we’re going. Schedule says “the midway” opens at 10a. What is “the midway”?

2- there’s this guided tour on Saturday called the NHRA guided walking tour. Anyone know what that is and if it’s worth the time?

3 – I went to the track a long time ago and they did this thing in the pits where basically all the cars started their engines at the same time. I remember it being amazing and painful. Do they still do that and if they do, is there anyway to know when they do?

4 – any secrets you more experienced types might have that might make our day even cooler?

Thanks for enduring the new guy and thank you in advance for any info.


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