2,000-Horspower Capable Diamond Racing Pistons

2,000-Horspower Capable Diamond Racing Pistons

There are a lot of enthusiasts out there that are starting to push the limits of the General Motors LS platform. What was once a wall at 1,000-horsepower has now been completely shattered, and people are beginning to make 2,000-horsepower.

The problem is not the goal of making high power, it’s more about the parts needed to do so and the ease of getting replacements. A lot of times on a race setup you will need extra pistons because what you need is a custom unit. You can’t just call a speed shop and order them. Instead, you will have to call the manufacturer, order the pistons and then proceed to wait weeks for your order to ship.

Diamond Racing Pistons has a solution to this problem, and the final product is incredible. Their LS2K piston is a stocked item, so if you are in need of one piston or a set they can ship it to you with no wait time. This super tough custom piston that is on the self and ready to go at a moments notice which means less downtime for you and your race car.

The LS2K piston has an exceptionally thick crown and ring lands for durability, and it is designed to take some serious abuse. The oil ring has been pushed down into the pin bore to make the ring lands thicker. We talked to Evan Perkins of Race Winning Brands about this new piston and he said, “We put the material where it needed to be and pulled it out where it wasn’t needed.” This piston has lateral gas ports so whether it’s big boost you’re looking for or a healthy dose of N2O, this piston is sure to seal even with big combustion pressure. According to Evan, “This piston is one of the best parts we offer.”

The fit and finish of this piston are second to none, and everything was taken into consideration when the Diamond crew designed them. If you are on the market for a high horsepower LS piston, we strongly suggest that you check out Diamond Racing Pistons for a complete look at the LS2K.

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