2018 World Street Nationals Same Day Coverage

2018 World Street Nationals Same Day Coverage

We are here for the Silver Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the BLP Orlando World Street Nationals, the King of Door slammer racing that started a revolution in drag racing. We will bring you special interviews with veteran racers and the new blood looking to make their mark at this historic event this weekend. Stay tuned to Dragzine for the latest news from Orlando.

Steve Jackson was the first car we shot this morning in the open testing. He went right down the track to a 3.74.4 at 205 MPH setting the pace for Pro Mod, which has a plethora of entries here this weekend,

Chad Opaleski’s Chevelle underwent some revisions at Dan Neuman Race Cars over the summer lowering the car at all four corners and and moving some weight around. The plan for the day is tuning the fuel curve and making clean runs then putting some eat in it for Saturday night session.

Ryan Millican scored his best mile per hour this morning with a 164 MPH blast in his Hardway Diesel powered Chevy II. “We came out here hoping for some 4.40’s, I think with this mile per hour and what we just saw with the car I think I can lean on that sixty foot a little bit and get there..I’m hopeful.” Ryan qualified mid back at Lights Out and No Mercy this year and won his first round matches before meeting up with John Keesey, twice ending his weekend at SGMP but goals were met even qualifying this unique combination.

Robert Sellers is familiar face here at Orlando and has been coming here to Orlando for 42 years, since 1976 and racing in Pro Street and Outlaw 632 for the past eight year. His first car he raced here was a 1960 Plymouth Valiant running 12’s with a slant six engine. “ I’ve had a lot of good times here, a lot of racing, we all become like a family when you race together, loan tools and borrow tools and equipment, that’s why I keep racing.” Robert Sellers.

We stopped by Mo Hall’s pit and found the Mo and the team changing gear ratios around in the transmission and third member. There is a good contingent of OL 10.5 cars here this weekend for the final points race of the Billet Atomizer sponsored series which is sure to have some tight competition.


Stanley/Weiss Racing is on the property looking for that big check this weekend. The car shook hard on John’s first run of the day so he shut it down just after the 60′.

Billy Glidden is a long term fixture here at the OWSN and is testing out some new things this weekend in his Ray Skillman backed Pro Mod. Glidden was a force in Outlaw 10.5 before he turned his attention to Pro Modified in 2012, gathering grade points to compete in NHRA over the next two year period. The always innovative and tough Glidden is out gunned a bit with his small nitrous engine and is here to support the race, track owner Ozzy Moya and Wade Rich, the track manager.

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