A Look At Meziere Enterprise’s Starter Lineup

A Look At Meziere Enterprise's Starter Lineup

When you are working on a new build, some parts have a tendency to get neglected or left out. You spent all of your money on that new big bad engine, and the factory starter worked just fine before, so why change it? As they say, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Unfortunately, that new power-plant that you just built has more compression than the last engine and is going to be really hard on a new OEM starter and even harder on that old worn out unit. So when it fails, and it will, you can either buy another stock one or purchase a heavy-duty unit that is designed for this kind of abuse.

Meziere Enterprises offers four different series of starts that range from a better than OEM replacement to one that will rotate the engine no matter what the compression may be. We spoke with Don Meziere about the different starters that they offer and the advantages of each one.

The 100 Series starter is a stock type starter with a stock drive on it but has a unique nose block on it with an OEM type Bendix. The advantage to the 100 Series is that even though it is comparable to an OEM starter, it provides torque and spin speed that far surpasses most gear reduction units and is an economical solution for a street car.

The 200 Series is an uber-compact unit that is designed to fit into tight areas. Meziere manufactures this start with a super strong drive and a robust drive and custom planetary gear reduction. This series is perfect for a small block with a moderate compression ratio and supplies adequate torque and spin speed.

The 300 Series is a longer starter and carries the entire Meziere gear-train and drive which is an inline planetary gear reduction design. This long thin design of the 300 allows for tight header or frame rail clearances. This starter is recommended for engines up to 565 cubic inch displacement.

The 400 Series according to Don, “Is the biggest and baddest thing that we can build.” It offers a larger more robust motor, larger solenoid, and is suited for engines up to 900 cubic inches.

Mezier offers these starters for Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar, and Pontiac. If you are on the market for a new starter or just want to see what they have to offer, check them out online at www.meziere.com

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