Aeromotive Adds Two New Options To Fuel Pump Line

Aeromotive Adds Two New Options To Fuel Pump Line

The hottest trend in hot rods and muscle cars today is adding EFI to a classic engine, or, even a complete, late-model, EFI-equipped engine. It’s no secret why. You can make serious power and do it more affordably than ever. What makes these conversions so affordable, is the ample supply of parts and kits from the aftermarket. Aeromotive is one company that is making the task of feeding an EFI system, much easier.

Aeromotive’s Phantom Fuel System has been around for a while, and the line-up just got an addition. “We’ve added the Apex Phantom, which uses jet-siphon technology that can pull fuel from the corner of a tank, and the Trikecta Phantom that features three, 450 lph Walbro fuel pumps,” says Jackson Luig of Aeromotive.

The Apex Phantom is designed with 4-feet of gasoline- and ethanol-rated suction line, and features a controlled pickup that maintains 1/8-inch of clearance from the tank bottom. The Apex Phantom’s pickup line is able to be secured to the exact, intended pickup point, utilizing a powerful two-magnet system that is compatible with any tank construction-material – including poly-plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

The Trifekta is ready to feed blown, EFI applications making a whopping 1,650 WHP on E85, and as much as 2,400 WHP on gas. It features a high-capacity foam and bladder baffle, and a custom, billet CNC hat with dual ORB-08 outlet ports, an ORB-08 return, and triple electrical bulkheads to allow independent pump control. Using a larger, custom Phantom gasket and internal C-ring, the Trifekta takes full advantage of its Phantom heritage, delivering an incredibly easy and effective Phantom installation, in virtually any tank from 6 to 11-inches deep.

Check out these and other great Aeromotive products on the company’s website.

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