Almirola miffed at Logano: He makes things hard on himself

Almirola miffed at Logano: He makes things hard on himself

Add Aric Almirola to the list of drivers annoyed at Joey Logano.

The driver of the No. 10 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford had some choice words for Logano over his team scanner following a late restart, then re-emphasized them on pit road after the race.

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Almirola’s issue was how Logano raced him on a late restart, where tight driving quarters knocked Almirola out of the top five. Almirola finished eighth in Texas.

“We fought all day from the back and worked diligently all day, finally got ourselves in position and the 22 (of Logano) just went down in Turn 3 and put it right on my door and about wrecked us both,” Almirola told NBCSN reporters after the race. “I’m not sure, I’ll have to talk to him.

“He just continues to make things harder on himself. If that is the way he wants to race me when he is already locked into Homestead and we are out here fighting for our lives, that is fine. When Homestead comes around if I am not in, he will know it.”

When pressed on if he’d retaliate against Logano, Almirola replied: “I will just make it really difficult on him. He made it really difficult on me today which was really unnecessary. He could have run fourth, fifth, 11th, it doesn’t matter. He is still going to go to Homestead and race for a championship, It is just not smart.”

Logano irked Martin Truex Jr. last week by bumping the No. 78 Toyota out of the way on the final lap at Martinsville Speedway, winning his way to Homestead.

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That led to Truex Jr. declaring that Logano wouldn’t win “the damn war” that is the 2018 series championship.

The No. 22 team declined comment to NBCSN regarding Almirola’s interview.

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