Bill Lutz Scores Big Wins With Profiler On Board

Bill Lutz Scores Big Wins With Profiler On Board

Bill Lutz has been racing with the clocks off for all of 2018 and towards the end of the season decided to try his hand at no prep racing with his infamous 1967 Camaro. Bill and his son Kenny, who acts as his crew chief, quickly became acclimated to no prep racing and enjoyed the challenge. Bill added a Davis Technologies EFI Profiler module to his program and used this handy tool to pick up some big wins in the No Prep Kings small tire class.

Being the veteran drag racer he is, Bill understood that having every possible tool at his disposal would be important if he wanted to be successful at no prep racing. After taking the Camaro to some smaller events, Bill called Shannon Davis at Davis Technologies to get one of the Profiler EFI modules to add into his HalTech system and it paid off right away.

“In our experience so far the Profiler EFI module has helped our car get down the track. Since we added it to the car it has been easier to manage on a no prep surface, and paid for itself the first time we used it at an event. This is going to be a great tool to use on both prepared and no prep surfaces,” Bill says.

Getting the Profiler EFI module to function with the existing EFI system on the car was easy for Kenny. After the unit was installed, Kenny was able to examine how the Profiler interacted with everything and learned how to use it as an effective tool with the rest of their program.

“The one big advantage to the Profiler is the way it uses the built-in self-learning function.  You can set up how aggressive the self-learning is, and all of the tables are adjustable while being user-friendly. We have a switch panel in the car that has different boost controller settings that I can adjust. The Profiler has different saved settings that I can use with the boost controller settings on the panel. I still have to know how to make both of these work together based on the track conditions so the Profiler isn’t a magic fix all,” Kenny says.

If you’re looking for another tuning tool to add to your arsenal make sure to check out the Davis Technologies website to learn more about the Profiler system.

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