BorgWarner Spreads Awareness About MatchBot

BorgWarner Spreads Awareness About MatchBot

When you see builds for different motorsports, there are more than good looks that go into the cars. As a matter of fact, one of the growing power adders for motorsports – whether it be gas or diesel – are turbochargers. BorgWarner was on display at the 2018 SEMA show, displaying a few new turbos and a turbocharged snowmobile. But what they really wanted to push, was its MatchBot program. The computer program allows you to enter your credentials, and then it calculates what turbocharger fits your needs.

MatchBot is an interactive, web-based, turbo-matching program that allows you to figure out sizing with only a computer. Once you’re in the program, you input your operating conditions, whether that be daily driving, drag racing, or even sled pulling, matchbot will pair you with the turbocharger that will best fit your needs, and will still stay inside its efficiency range.

If you’re looking to upgrade turbochargers, you should be using Matchbot to ensure you choose on that is in the efficiency range needed. If you’re clear out of range, chances are, you’re going to cause your unit to fail.

Other things that you will need to input into Matchbot include your elevation, engine displacement, average ambient-air temperature, and the maximum RPM range you’re running, and then utilize the map of all the compressors available. Anything to the left of the map is in the surge range, anything to right is over speed range. Anything inside the map is inside the efficiency range.

We are looking to upgrade turbos on a project vehicle in the very near future, and we are excited to use the BorgWarner Matchbot to point us in the right direction. For more information about Matchbot and BorgWarner turbos, be sure and check out their website.

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