Buddy Buser’s Wild 1972 Blown Camaro

Buddy Buser's Wild 1972 Blown Camaro

Buddy Buser always had an itch when it came to classic cars and racing.  The itch didn’t get scratched until he acquired a 1972 Camaro when he was 15 years old. For the next couple of years, Buddy and his father back-halved the Camaro in their spare time and won Best Car his senior year. Two weeks after graduating from high school, Buser and his father cut the car up and spent four years putting it back together to what you see today.

Through the years they have tried many different iterations of blown power plants to achieve their goals. “We built it to go 7.90s on the street and we did that in 2012 with an ET of 7.96 at 176 mph,” Buddy says.


They continued to make improvements to the car until it reached its current version seen today. The Camaro now has a mild steel square tube chassis, the engine is an all-aluminum Arias 540 cubic-inch big block Chevy with a DMPE 14-71 blower with a carbon three blade injector hat. The ATI built-power glide transfers all that horsepower from the big Arias 540 Chevy to a DANA 60 rearend with Menscer rear shocks.

“We started to run with the Warriors Outlaw Race Team, which is a 10.5 tire class for steel body cars. We have gone from running a 5.13 ET in the eighth mile to a 4.700 ET at 156 mph,” Buddy explained.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without my parents, my wife, and my crew. Each and every one of them have a huge impact on my racing and I would not be able to race without them by my side. I also want to thank the Warrior Outlaw Drag Race team for allowing me to drag race on an awesome team with great people.” Buddy Says.

Buddy and his dad have been able to turn that itch into a career with a shop in Crownsville MD called Silver Dollar Auto & Performance, LLC doing what they love, working on hot rods!

Photo credits to Steve Reese From Edge of Speed



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