Burns Stainless’ Vince Roman To Present On Header Theory At PRI Show

Burns Stainless' Vince Roman To Present On Header Theory At PRI Show

While perhaps elementary on the surface, there’s an art and a science to designing an exhaust system, from the diameter of the primary tubes as they exit the cylinder head exhaust ports right down to the curvatures, the merges and collectors and — if your vehicle is equipped — the tubing sizes and shapes all the way back to the mufflers. An exhaust system, whether it’s merely a set of headers or a complete cat-to-muffler system, plays a defining role in the performance of your engine, meaning it’s anything but elementary. 

Few in the industry understand this better than Burns Stainless CEO Vince Roman, who has nearly two decades of experience developing and engineering automotive exhaust systems and components. At the upcoming Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana, Roman will share of his invaluable expertise with attendees during a presentation entitled “Optimizing Exhaust Design or Finding Mercy” that will take place Thursday, December 6, at 10:00 a.m. in Room 239 of the Indiana Convention Center.

“We’ll be talking about header theory — things like compressible flow, and some discussion regarding our DesignSys exhaust design system. We’ll also dive into materials and fabrication and fitment,” notes Roman.

Roman has previously presented at the AETC (Advanced Engineering Technology Conference), but this will mark his first at PRI that will allow the public at-large to attend and glean information from one of racing’s leading exhaust manufacturers.

“Anyone that really wants to be educated in exhaust and engine performance and wants to better understand why a header does what it does will certainly gain something from our presentation — I’m looking forward to it.”

In addition to the planned talking points, Roman will also open the floor to questions from attendees to introduce related topics or provide clarification, providing a rare opportunity to glean direct knowledge that only industry shows like PRI present.

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