CRC Industries Releases Pro Series Brakleen Formula

CRC Industries Releases Pro Series Brakleen Formula

Out at the SEMA Show between electronics, cars, and trucks, we had to make time to go check out our friends over at CRC Industries. CRC Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemicals for maintenance and repair of marine, electrical, industrial, automotive and aviation equipment and they’re introducing some new products here in Las Vegas.

The Brakeleen brand has been the number one selling brake parts cleaner. With their new formula, this registers as the strongest cleaner yet that is designed to quickly and effectively remove grease, brake dust, brake fluid, and oils from your brake system. We caught up with Valerie Stephens with CRC to get the scoop on the new products.

“We wanted to offer a larger can because the product gets used so much. The cost of a larger can is comparable to using more than one regular size can,” said Stephens. You can see the larger Pro Series can versus the original Brakleen can. Go get your cans of the new formula to test out today.

“The CRC Brakleen has been a huge seller and continues to be one of the best out there. The standard can that we have always sold has been 19 fluid ounces,” said Stephens. “Our new product, the Pro Series Brakleen, has an even better formula that works even better than before and comes in a larger 29 fluid ounce can.”

The Brakleen is used for many applications including the cleaning of ABS systems, drums, brake cylinders, brake linings, brake shoes, calipers, clutch discs, and brake pads. For more information about CRC and the other products they offer, be sure and check out CRC’s website.

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