Design Engineering Inc. Steps Up Their Game

Design Engineering Inc. Steps Up Their Game

For twenty years now Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has been known for quality heat control products. DEI offers everything from exhaust wrap, turbo shields, plug wire covers, starter covers, and many other products.

While DEI did have several new products for the SEMA Show in 2018, the big news was the addition of machinery in the shop. According to Tom Miller, V.P. of Sales and Marketing of DEI, “We are now able to do all of our own in-house cutting.” This will allow the company to handle all rapid prototyping of new products, plus they use this machine to control their own inventory. If they are running low on a product, they can simply make however many items they might need for a particular order. For the consumer, this means a faster turnaround time and less of a chance to have products back ordered.

DEI had some really innovative products at the show as well. The all-new oil filter heat shield is designed to keep the oil filter from suffering from heat soak. This aluminum heat shield material has an adhesive back and comes in a three pack and is easy to trim. This will help keep the heat off the oil filter that a high-performance engine and exhaust can generate in those super tight areas.

Another item that we are excited to see is the Corvette transmission tunnel plate heat shield. This five-piece set includes everything you need to dramatically reduce the amount of heat transferred from the exhaust to the C5 and C6 Corvette transmission tunnel. This unit is precision die cut for a perfect fit and ease of installation. It is not affected by wind, water, or other harsh conditions and can be purchased as a plate and side shields only or together as a kit.

For more information on these products, please check out the Design Engineering, Inc website.

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