DSS Racing Is Expanding Their X-Groove Into New Markets

DSS Racing Is Expanding Their X-Groove Into New Markets

We came across a company at SEMA that we recognize from Mustang racing back in the day, and that’s DSS Racing. Long-known for its extremely recognizable X-Groove piston skirt design and performance Ford engines, it appears that not only is the X-Groove still going strong, but the team at DSS is expanding the lineup significantly beyond the Blue Oval.

“This year we have a new 6cc dome piston for LS engines, and a bunch of applications we’re working on,” says Tom Naegele, Vice President of DSS Racing. “We’ve been expanding and are working on some Buick stuff, Oldsmobile stuff, and a whole slew of applications.”

While the DSS Racing name might not be familiar outside of Ford circles, the company has been in the piston game for quite a while. “We’ve been in business 35 years now,” Naegele says. “We started off serving the grassroots engine builders, and now we forge all of our own pistons in house and use the latest CNC equipment to make some of the best pistons on the market.”

While pistons are the bread and butter for DSS Racing, it also offers piston-and-rod kits, engine-in-a-box kits, and stroker kits – ranging from a budget-friendly nodular iron crank kit – to high-end billet crank and connecting rod kits. Check out the DSS Racing website for a look at its complete lineup of products.

Long known for its unique X-Groove skirt, DSS Racing is now bringing piston designs out in a huge array of both engine families and performance applications. The latest design (on the right) is a +6.0cc dome design for the LS family of engines.

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