FiTech’s New Ultimate LS Induction Systems

FiTech's New Ultimate LS Induction Systems

LSX-based engines have become the go-to powerplant of choice when it comes to engine swaps in just about every kind of vehicle imaginable. In the past, many old-school hot rodders might have been intimidated by the idea of going to fuel injection with an LSX swap, but that fear is about to be eased. That is because FiTech is making fuel injection simple with their Ultimate LS Induction Systems that have everything you need to make the transition to fuel injection a snap.

What makes the FiTech Ultimate LS system so great is how complete it is. The ECU is self-tuning, so you don’t need to be an EFI tuning wizard to get it going, and it comes with a wiring harness designed to work with your LS engine of choice. The system also comes with a transmission control feature that works with 4L60, 4L65, 4L80, and 4L85 GM transmissions.

Bryce Cegielski from FiTech explains just how plug and play the Ultimate LS Induction System really is. “With our wiring harness, everything is provided to locate things like the knock sensor, cam position sensor, and more. You can go into our programmer, answer a few questions, select a general cam-profile, and the system will tune itself. You don’t need a laptop to tune when using our programmer, but it comes with laptop software so you can go deep into the tuning process if you want.”

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For your LS1, LS2, LS6, LS3, L92, or LS7 engine, you can choose between a 500 horsepower or 750 horsepower-capable intake manifold that is fabricated from aluminum. These intakes come with either a 92mm or 102mm throttle body, billet fuel rails, and fuel injectors matched to the horsepower of the intake. If you want to make even more horsepower all you need to do is get your own injectors that will support the power! Check out FiTech for these and other EFI products for your ride.

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