Installing Engine Block Filler With Competition Products

Installing Engine Block Filler With Competition Products

Pushing the level of horsepower your engine produces is going to test the durability of parts — especially the engine block. One of the age-old tricks used by those seeking high performance is to increase their engine block’s strength by filling it with specifically-made engine block filling mixtures. Competition Products makes a popular version of this called Rokblock and this great video shows you how to use it to its fullest potential.

If you think about it, there are a lot of different forces at work inside your engine as it runs: there’s the combustion process creating heat and pressure inside the cylinders, and at the same time, the rotating assembly is generating vibrations inside the engine. Unless the block you’re using is a solid block, there are different holes and passages inside that can serve as weak points for the pressure and vibrations to attack.

Adding block filler like Competition Products Rokblock will eliminate these spaces inside the block and increase its strength. The rigidity it brings to a factory block assists with making sure the cylinder bores stay true and that will help the piston rings do their job of sealing up the bore. The block filler will also make sure that damaging harmonics will be reduced, too.

Nick Rinehart from Competition Products explains in this video how to best prepare the Rokblock mixture before you pour it into the block and how long you have to work with filler. Rinehart also provides tips on how to get the Rokblock to fully fill your block, along with the difference between a half-fill and tall-fill.

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