JE Pistons Brings High-End Custom Pistons To The Shelf

JE Pistons Brings High-End Custom Pistons To The Shelf

JE Pistons is a well-established player in the high-end piston game. They offer both shelf-stock and custom pistons in a wide variety of engine and performance applications. This year at SEMA, the company is showing its new lineup of super-high-end, shelf-stock pistons, dubbed the “Ultra”.

JE’s new Ultra line takes features which are normally found on custom pistons, and incorporates them into a product on the shelf. “The Ultra line of pistons start with our patented technology to get optimized grain flow in the piston forging,” says Sebastian Franzen, from JE’s Technical Sales department. “Then, we add the Accumulator groove, Perfect Skirt, Thermo Crown Barrier, and offset pins.”

All of those features combine to make a high-end piston with zero wait time when you order. To that end, JE is also filling out their catalog with a large number of applications that used to be a custom order. “We have 83 new items on the sport compact side alone, basically filling out the roster,” Franzen explains. “Where we’ve had RB26 pistons for years, now we have them for RB25s as well. We’ve had 2JZ pistons for 15 years, now we have the 1JZ as well.” The team also revealed – well, leaked might be more apt – that Gen III Hemi pistons should soon be shelf-stock items, instead of custom-only applications.

However, Don’t think that JE is getting away from custom pistons. “We are really solid on lead times for custom pistons. We can make a set of custom pistons in about three weeks, and can expedite that down to three days if we have to,” Franzen says. “We have our own forging house, so we can alter the forging designs to suit the piston design. That also means our development happens pretty quick, since everything is in house.”

For a complete listing of JE’s new Ultra piston applications, check out their website.

Filling out their shelf-stock piston lineup has been a major focus for JE this year. Applications like the ones pictured here used to be custom-only propositions, but will now be a shelf-stock design.

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