Jeff Speer’s LSX Powred Single Turbo Outlaw Street Mustang

Jeff Speer's LSX Powred Single Turbo Outlaw Street Mustang

It all started with wanting to do an LS swap of his own and a bet that Jeff Speer made with a local racer that he would do LS swaps with on the side.  Jeff bet him $100 that he could build a racecar, race it for a little while then sell it and make money on it. After searching for a few weeks Jeff found a 1993 Fox body ad on Craigslist. After the purchase, Jeff put a 10-point roll cage, an LS with a little turbo, a Powerglide transmission and just a stock computer in the car raced it for the next year and a half and finally ended up selling it and lost the $100 bet.


Deciding that he wanted to get more serious into racing after selling the Fox, he started saving some money here and there and slowly gathered parts for his next build.  During a slow time when Jeff was laid off from his current job in the oil fields, he felt that this was the perfect opportunity to start on his new build. Alex Charity, a friend of Jeff’s had a 1992 Fox body that he was looking to get rid of and it was the perfect car to use: it was just a shell, had no suspension, no cage, no electronics and no drivetrain. With the help of Alex and Aaron Fautcher and some space in Aaron’s Xtreme Diesel garage the car was painted, running, driving and on the dyno within six weeks after the cage was installed by Strobel Race Cars in Barling, Arkansas.

Derrick Kelley, a good friend of Jeff’s, was already doing some no-prep racing and Jeff was intrigued so he decided to give it a try. When Jeff built the car he knew he wanted to race no-prep, so it was built to Shannon Morgan’s Redemption No Prep True Street rules. The first time the Mustang saw the track was at Centerville Dragway and the car went faster than Jeff was expecting.

“The car, first time out with a new setup, went faster than I thought it was going to go — I was stoked,” Jeff exclaimed. After the Centerville race, Jeff took the car to the last Redemption race in 2016 at Tulsa Raceway Park. “I got my ass kicked … we were not really ready. It was a brand new car and we didn’t have much test time in it to line the car out and get down an un-prepped track,” Jeff says.

“In between no-prep racing we were doing some prep stuff at Centerville Dragway and Tulsa Raceway Park. We could get down those tracks but this no-prep stuff was a whole different deal on a radial,” Jeff said.

The next Redemption race Jeff went out first round on Friday night in True Street and was getting frustrated with the car. “We fought with it and fought with it; obviously we had too much power in the car, trying to get down the track. The next day in Outlaw True Street we ended up bringing home the win against Duane Biddle of Biddle Motorsports. That was our first big Redemption win.” Jeff explains. The rest of the year he and his team had minor issues with the car which negated them from winning any further races.

As 2018 came around, Shannon decided to change the True Street rules by adding some weight and changing the tires to the Mickey Thompson 3453. Jeff had taken the car down to the Bounty Hunters No Prep race to try the new tire and hated it, sharing, “What tune-ups I thought were going to work did not work at all. We took that tire off and said I’m not running True Street on that tire at all.”

Redemption was the next race and Aaron talked Jeff into trying the tire again even though Jeff was dead against it. It just so happened that all the stars aligned that weekend and he was able to win True Street. Jeff fell in love with the new tire.

“I would like to thank Alex Charity, Aaron Fautcher of Xtreme Diesel, Shannon and Bud Morgan of Morgan and Son , Jim Hopping, Derrick Kelley, Duane Garretson of Come Get Ya Some , Sho Me Speed, Crabtree RV, JBI Custom Auto Metal Fabrication, CSI Radiator  and Lil John Motorsports,” Jeff says.

The paint work on Jeff’s car was performed by Hopkins Rod Shop; the engine was built and refreshed by Morgan and Son, backed by a Jim Hopping-prepared transmission and a torque converter from PTC; the shocks were setup by Santhuff, and the chassis and roll cage work was completed by Strobel Race Cars.

Jeff and team found the right combination to win some races in 2018, and he feels that he has the right combination to continue his winning ways at Redemption 16.0 World Finals at Xtreme Raceway Raceway Park November 9-10. will have the live broadcast of Redemption 16.0 RIGHT HERE for you to enjoy. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Lunati, along with ProChargerFASTMoser EngineeringFlying a MotorsportsNeal Chance Racing ConvertersBaer BrakesAeromotive, and Firestone.

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