JMS Chip Electronics And Wheels Are New And Expanding

JMS Chip Electronics And Wheels Are New And Expanding

JMS Chip brought out the big guns at this year’s SEMA Show. From throttle sensitivity boosters to fuel pump voltage boosters to wheels, there was something for almost every application out there. We got into the depths of these products as we stopped by to interview JMS’s Brad Grissom.

One of the big reveals this year was the ThrottleMax line. “This is going to be an expanded line just for modern-day throttle bodies,” said Grissom. “The first in this line is what we call ThrottleSwap. It’s a really critical product for Ford vehicles, because in 2018, the F-150 and Mustang went to a digital throttle body – new tech, all new control system – and that presented a problem, especially for supercharger manufacturers. We worked with another OEM supplier to develop what we call ThrottleSwap, which allows users to take the digital throttle body off and put a larger analog throttle body in its place. Once installed, the builder can have enough airflow to work with superchargers or turbochargers.”

The PedalMax, ThrottleMax, and BoostMax were three electronic devices that JMS was excited to talk about. They address issues found in domestic, import, and even powersports applications.

Another bit of news came from the FuelMax line. “We’ve expanded the FuelMax line to include several Mopar vehicles,” said Grissom. “These fuel pump voltage boosters can now work on new Dodge Chargers and Challengers, as well as the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. It’s plug and play and can increase the factory pump’s output by up to 85 percent, which means big power to the pavement.”

Other news relays the expansion of the PedalMax throttle sensitivity booster to imports and powersports applications, as well as the expansion of JMS’s wheels to late-model Mustangs. “These are high-pressure cast, high-quality, direct-fit wheels that are designed specifically for 2015-18 Mustangs, and even some of the older ones with 14-inch-diameter brakes,” said Grissom.

The PowerMax FuelMax fuel pump voltage booster can increase a factory fuel pump’s output by up to 85 percent.

With all of these new products and expanding product lines, JMS is innovating and keeping customers’ needs at the forefront. Check out more from the company’s website and Facebook page.

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