Keeping Tabs On AFR And More With Innovate’s MTX-OL Plus

Keeping Tabs On AFR And More With Innovate's MTX-OL Plus

Accurate readings from the gauges in your vehicle are extremely important when it comes to monitoring performance and tuning. An Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) gauge is something that many rely on to diagnose the health of a tune-up and see how a car is performing, so the team at Innovate Motorsports developed the MTX-OL Plus gauge. This wideband AFR gauge provides pinpoint accuracy and a host of other features that are necessary for maximizing your vehicles tune-up.

To ensure a driver can see the MTX-OL Plus at all times, Innovate Motorsports gave the unit a high-contrast OLED-style display. Inside the gauge is Innovate’s DirectDigital technology that gives the MTX-OL Plus an extremely high level of accuracy and speed for relaying data. The MTX-OL Plus is also designed to be paired with the workhorse Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensor to provide the most accurate readings possible. Also included with the gauge is an integrated serial I/O port that can be used to tie the MTX-OL Plus with other MTX devices and the Innovate LogWorks software.

According to Cort Charles, Brand Manager at Innovate Motorsports, the MTX-OL Plus will soon have even more functionality added to its already impressive features.

“The plan is to have the MTX-OL Plus able to have other channels of data added to its display from different sensors. If you want to add and display information from sensors like a MAP, EGT, or fuel pressure sensor you’ll be able to plug it in and then it will populate to that second channel on the display.”

Make sure to check out the Innovate Motorsports website to learn more about this robust gauge.

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