Melling Stays Ahead Of The Curve With New Oil Pumps

Melling Stays Ahead Of The Curve With New Oil Pumps

When it comes to OE-replacement-style oil pumps, whether you’re doing a mild rebuild or a high-performance screamer, there is really only one name to be considered – Melling.

Melling has been around for 70 years, and in that time they have learned a thing or two – both about how to build an awesome oil pump and how to properly cater to the markets it serves. “We work really closely with people across the industry to make sure that we have the latest applications and are addressing the market’s needs,” says Mellings Eastern Regional Manager Doug Smith. “Those relationships allow us to react quickly and bring things to market faster.”

Not only do they just bring products to market fast, they bring solid, well-developed products to the market. “Our research and development team has a lot of cumulative experience in the industry, and are very aware of what racers and performance enthusiasts need,” Smith explains.

By quickly being able to identify target markets, they are allowed to spend more time on the development and testing of their oil pump designs before they hit the shelves, since a failed oil pump is something that can really ruin your day. “We spend a lot of time in R&D and testing of our products” says Smith. “All our products are made in the USA by American employees, and we test every product that leaves the factory. We take pride in that.”

With new applications being added to the Melling lineup faster than new catalogs can be printed, check out their website to see their current list of products and applications.

Melling is known for it’s unique market-driven applications, like this pump designed for aftermarket LS engine blocks with a priority-main oiling system. They have actually reduced the volume of oil it moves versus a stock pump, but still increases the pressure over stock.

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