Mustang Dynamometer Launches New Interface

Mustang Dynamometer Launches New Interface

During the 2018 SEMA Show, Mustang Dynamometer displayed its latest dyno model which features new ways to interface with the machine that make it easier for shop owners to promote their business.

“A lot of our users are interested in better ways of interfacing to the machine,” said Michael Caldwell, Account Manager at Mustang Dynamometer. “We moved from a traditional archaic type of control system and went with a more modern web-based interface which creates a tremendous amount of flexibility for the user.”

Caldwell shared the web based UI allows owners to display information from the machine on an iPad and bring it into the vehicle and run the machine from that device, or they can switch from the iPad and put it in passive mode and then go to a laptop.

Owners are able to create different dashboards for data – whether it be a linear gauge, circular gauge, a strip chart with graph data, or an actual video feed – and project dyno activity from the machine into a waiting area or the various screens they wish to present to.

Another new feature to the interface is “Spectator Mode” which tells the viewer what is on the dyno actively. “It changes the screen, so if the machine goes from idle to a test it will tell you what test it is,” Caldwell said.

Additionally, the interface allows the owner to link to Facebook to show what’s going on. “We are trying to embrace modern technology as much as we can. This is all considered the ‘in-shop’ experience where it immediately affects the tuner,” Caldwell said.

“We have a social media style site that is focused on automotive, and create positive feedback,” Caldwell added, noting data from the dyno is posted to TunedUp. Caldwell hopes TunedUp will help create a space where it will eliminate fear with car building and increase the amount of people looking for an automotive career, in addition to polishing the industry and helping “mom and pop shops.”

Currently, new users can be on boarded to the TunedUp site through Mustang Dynamometer products, such as the dyno controller. “As a shop owner, you can schedule dyno sessions and shows results on their TunedUp account. New customers can go to your shop’s profile, see your schedule and be involved. New customers can schedule consultations. It was designed for more people to go to our customers’ shops.”

According to Caldwell, the site is live and anyone can create a profile now, but they are still working out small issues.

For more information, see Mustang Dynamometer and check out TunedUp.

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