Nitrous Express Announces Acquistion Of Snow Performance

Nitrous Express Announces Acquistion Of Snow Performance

Nitrous Express (NX) is making moves in the automotive performance world with the acquisition of Snow Performance, the largest and oldest water-methanol injection company in the industry.

Nitrous Express started business in 1996 and has been at the forefront of nitrous systems and product manufacturing for over 22 years; Snow Performance, founded in 2002, manufactures high-quality water-methanol injection systems. According to the press release, Matt and Jake Snow will join the NX team on a consultant basis to aid in the future development of new products and future business opportunities while Mike Wood, owner and CEO of Nitrous Express, and his team will command both sales and marketing.

In the press release, Wood stated, “Nitrous Express and Snow Performance have been great friends for many years. Both companies have private labeled parts back and forth to ensure their product offerings were the most complete and best quality available.” Mike continued, “To further strengthen both brands, it just made sense to combine everything into one team, and I am extremely honored to carry on my friends’ legacy.”

“This is a strategic move to unite the two technologies,” says Matt Snow, owner and CEO of Snow Performance. “I am confident that NX is the best organization to take water-methanol injection to the next level. Mike and his crew truly understand the potential of the technology and have big plans for the future.”

We wish both companies the best and are excited to see what new products will originate in the future. Click here to view the original press release from Nitrous Express.

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