Oval Exaust Tubing From Granatelli Motor Sports

Oval Exaust Tubing From Granatelli Motor Sports

Most of us have been there. You acquire a new project car and the first thing you feel that is needed is a set of lowing springs or coil over shocks. A factory stance doesn’t seem to look right with the new aftermarket tires and wheels that were chosen to set your car apart from your neighbors. So now the vehicle has the proper stance, tires, and wheels, but your exhaust system is dangerously close to the ground, and nothing is more annoying than driving a lowered car around town and having to plan your route according to speed bumps.

Granatatelli Motor Sports Inc. has just released a new product that will be music to the ears of all performance minded enthusiast with a lowered vehicle. Granatelli’s new oval exhaust tubing allows for a 3-inch tubing that has been pressed down to a 4×1/4-inch by 2×1/4-inch oval shape. This process results in a high flowing exhaust system that will gain up to three-quarters of an inch in ground clearance under your car. This new tubing is offered in 45 and 90-degree bends in both vertical and horizontal configurations depending on your needs. You can also buy straight sticks of the tubing to make the longer runs under the vehicle.

According to J.R. Granatelli, “What makes our product unique over everyone else’s is the fit and finish of each piece to line up perfectly.” With Granatelli’s new process it doesn’t matter if the piece was formed yesterday or two months ago, every part is consistent and will line up every time. This process will result in better fitment, which ultimately will make for a beautiful exhaust system with a maximum amount of ground clearance for your street or race car. Best of all, you might not have to worry about those dreaded speed bumps while still maintaining a high-performance exhaust system.

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