QA1 Offers a New Carbon Fiber Sway Bar

QA1 Offers a New Carbon Fiber Sway Bar

Lightweight and strong, a carbon fiber sway bar is a great upgrade for the performance enthusiast.

Performance handling. It has different meanings to different people. Some guys want their car to launch from a dead stop like being shot out of cannon. Others prefer being able to take a few turns and not have their car feel like a wet noodle trying to maneuver.

If you’re a fan of hard cornering, sway bars are one of the most impactful suspension upgrades you can make to your vehicle. They are also one of the easiest. The suspension experts at QA1 have been building products to make cars and trucks handle better than new for decades, and have introduced a carbon fiber sway bar that you really need to check out.

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“By using carbon fiber, we can achieve different spring rates to our bars simply by changing the wind-angle and thickness,” says Dave Kass. Also, the sway bars are lighter than tradition steel units, and that’s great – especially for racers. But this is not a race-only bar.

QA1 also uses sway bar bushings that have some cool performance-oriented features. “It’s a composite bushing, not Del-a-lum, but it’s similar. It does have better lubricity, so it doesn’t drag against the bar, and it doesn’t deform – it holds its shape,” says Dave.

QA1 has a myriad of suspension components available to upgrade many hot rods, and you can find what you need by checking out the QA1 website.

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