Racers Warehouse Creates ‘3-Level Online Mall’ for High-Performance Outlets



BERLIN, NJ (November 13, 2018) — Upon recognizing the need of race teams, auto dealers and parts manufacturers for a simple but effective online marketing platform, former drag racer and veteran Internet executive Brian Prins accepted the challenge and created RacersWarehouse.com, a one-stop shop for high-performance parts, race cars and automotive sales.

“I love motorsports in general and drag racing in particular and I firmly believe in supporting those that support the sport I love,” says Prins, who also owns and operates the highly successful LeadGadget.com site. “But so many of the racers and manufacturers out there either don’t have a Web site, or if they do have one they don’t know how to promote it through search engine marketing or search engine optimization to get more business. We want to help build traffic for their businesses. That’s really the main reason behind the creation of RacersWarehouse.com.”

Prins explains he built RacersWarehouse.com on a multi-level platform to include auction ability, classified ads and raffle options, “like having a three-level online mall that caters to the high-performance, racing and automotive shopper.” Additionally, RacersWarehouse.com will be populated with online store fronts in which any business can pay a fixed monthly fee to literally advertise everything they have for sale at a specific street address location.

“I think the store fronts and the raffle capabilities are going to set RacersWarehouse.com apart. Raffles have become very popular, whether for a 50/50 draw at the track or for a race car that someone is looking to sell,” Prins says.

“So we built specialized software that takes care of everything for those people who want to do a raffle. We don’t necessarily do them all in house, but we help with the process. We don’t own the raffle, we don’t run the raffle, we just facilitate it. But by doing that we’re helping people to succeed and that’s all we care about. Racers helping racers is what it’s all about.”

Similarly, online store fronts hosted at RacersWarehouse.com will be established and maintained by clients, but Prins stresses the KISS principle–Keep It Simple, Stupid–will be enforced at every turn.

“Really, the process is meant to be stupidly simple,” he says. “If you already have a Web site, even a really basic one, you’ll have no problem setting up a store front. But we also have I.T. specialists on staff to help with any questions or problems, so nobody has to be afraid of giving this a try.”

Adding a RacersWarehouse.com store front to an already established online presence can pay off with increased traffic to both locations, Prins adds, explaining the RacersWarehouse.com team is dedicated to helping clients maximize their digital marketing efforts.

“The fact of the matter is if you’re not advertising online for your business, you’re not attracting new customers and you’re probably not even keeping what customers you already have,” he says. “It’s all digital and it’s all online now and that’s where we will help companies learn the ways of the future and how everything is changing to help them grow their businesses.

“Think of it this way, if you’re looking for traffic to your store, qualified leads to your Web site, what better place is there to have it than in a busy mall that caters to the people who buy your products? That’s RacersWarehouse.com,” Prins says. “We’re building a destination and running all the traffic to it through newsletters and news feeds that our clients can be a part of so we can drive even more traffic to them. That’s the biggest thing and giving us a try today will assure your company’s continued growth tomorrow.

“Plus, you will not be under any contract and can cancel at any time. But I’m not worried about that because bottom line, with RacersWarehouse.com we’ll take care of you. We’re not playing games here. This is something that is very important to us, to me especially. I just want to help my fellow racers succeed and prosper.”



Founded in 2018 by Brian Prins & Donald VanFossen, RacersWarehouse.com is an online marketplace featuring commercial store fronts, auctions, classified ads and raffles geared towards the motorsports community. For more information, e-mail RacersWarehouse.com at [email protected]

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