Slicks vs Radials 4-Wide Grudge Match Racing Comes To SCSN 14

Slicks vs Radials 4-Wide Grudge Match Racing Comes To SCSN 14

The Street Car Super Nationals (SCSN) brings the titans of heads-up racing to Las Vegas and the 14 th edition of this race is ready to kick things up a notch. With the recent expansion of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to four-lanes, the SCSN is taking advantage of the extra real estate with the 4-Wide Grudge Match race that features two big tire cars on slicks and two small tire cars on radials running for $10,000.

Mel Roth, promoter of the SCSN events was planning on using all four lanes of the track for an entirely different purpose for the 2018 event. Roth’s plan originally used two of the lanes for all of the slick tire classes at the event, and allow the other two to be full radial prep at all times for the radial tire classes. That changed when Eric Kvilhaug contacted Roth with an interesting idea for the event.

“This all sprang up from a call that I got from Eric to see if we could make this grudge race happen. At the time it wasn’t possible because we weren’t going to do any four-wide racing at SCSN 14. I talked with the track manager at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Jeff Foster, and he said we would have to double the staff with two ambulances and fire trucks since something could happen in both lanes. He called back and got it handled so we got the green light make the 4-Wide Grudge Match happen,” Roth says.

The four racers that will be squaring off in this no time battle are bringing some serious firepower to the table. Representing the big tire competitors will be Jay Boddie, and Giuseppe Gentile, while Eric Kvilhaug will be wheeling BlownZ06 on radials, and Mark Woodruff will be on radials as well. The grudge race madness will take place at 5:00 PM on Friday night according to Roth.

“I am excited and think this race is going to be very interesting because all four cars are different. Woody and Eric will both need to figure out how to get down the radial tire track after running on slicks in Outlaw 10.5 trim. That could be the big equalizer for this race since the grudge cars will be running in the same lane all weekend. Something else that’s going to be a wild card is the staging process. We will have the chief starter talk with all of them to make sure they understand the staging process for the four wide deal,” Roth explains.

With $10,000 on the line and a combined 16,000 horsepower trying to win it, the 4-Wide Grudge Match at SCSN 14 is going to be wild. Can the Outlaw 10.5 racers figure out how to get down a radial prepared track quick enough to keep up with two very quick slick tire cars? There’s only one way to find out; line them up, run them, and see who can turn on the win light.

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