SNext Level Shock Tuning With QA1’s New MOD Shock

SNext Level Shock Tuning With QA1's New MOD Shock

The dynamic environment that drag racing takes place in has a multitude of factors that require a unique approach to horsepower management. As a racer, having a tuning solution for these variables is going to help you win and having options for suspension adjustments is a necessity. QA1 is arming drag racers with next-level technology in the form of their new MOD Series Shock that is going to change how they apply power to the track surface.

The main objective of the MOD shocks is to tame the brutal and beastly horsepower that drag racers need to smash into the track during a pass. Yes, that’s the job of any shock absorber, however, this new shock from QA1 attacks this assignment from a new angle. These new shocks offer a massive amount of control and adjustability via their valve adjustment packs that provide precision tuning options that can be used without even pulling the MOD shock off the car.

The force curve capabilities and tuning range begin with the double adjustable design the MOD shocks offer. On both the compression and rebound side the shocks have an adjustable low-speed bleed that provides an immense amount of control.

What makes the MOD shock really stand out for use in drag racing is the valve packs that can be changed on the bottom of the unit. A standard shock has to be removed and disassembled to have an internal valve change made. The MOD shocks with their various valve packs remove that requirement while adding tuning options. By removing the five Allen bolts that hold the packs in place they come off the shock itself without impacting the fluid or pressure inside.

These valve packs are a part of the QuickTune Technology that QA1 took two years to develop to serve as the base of the MOD shock. Not only do these valve packs change how the shock will behave, but they also have a 24 position range of adjustments that provide more compression and rebound adjustments one click at a time.

Dave Kass from QA1 provides a great breakdown in this video of how these MOD shocks work and how they can be used in drag racing.

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