The LSXHR 103mm High-Rise Intake From FAST

The LSXHR 103mm High-Rise Intake From FAST

The tunnel-ram intake manifolds on the market have been a hot commodity in the LS world for quite some time now. But, it was only a matter of time before someone came to market with a new idea and expanded on some of the current options.

Fuel Air Spark Technologies (FAST) released an intake manifold to the LS market today with the all-new FAST LSXHR 103mm. The LSXHR is the industry’s first polymer tunnel ram-style intake manifold with a host of cool features. Available for rectangular-port LS3 and LS7 engines, the 103mm intake has removable velocity stacks that will allow you to tune the runner combination by merely switching out the runners. This will result in finding the perfect runner configuration to get the most from your LS engine.

Since this intake manifold is made up of a polymer material, not only is it lightweight but it eliminates heat soak that occurs with the traditional aluminum intake manifolds. According to FAST, testing of the LSXHR 103mm has even produced an average of an additional 30-horsepower between 5,000 and 7,500 rpm over the competition. We asked David Henninger of COMP Performance Group, how it would do with boost and he said “the LSXHR 103mm intake can handle 45psi of continuous pressure.”

That’s not all this intake has to offer either. The top of the manifold is reversible to allow for forward or firewall facing throttle body positions. Want to run nitrous? No problem, the guys at FAST have that covered as well with two nitrous nozzle boss pre-runners for a super clean installation.

Fast covered the bases with this new design, and it looks like all of the time and effort has paid off. If you are on the market for a tunnel-ram style intake manifold, be sure and check out the LSXHR 103mm. It will definitely be a contender and look good on any hot rod.

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