The New 1450-Horsepower Capable G42 Turbo From Garret

The New 1450-Horsepower Capable G42 Turbo From Garret

The popularity with turbochargers is definitely on the rise. We have seen it in drift cars, drag cars and definitely on the street cars. At one point last year it seemed like almost all of the wildly popular Street Outlaws gang was making the switch to turbos and for a good reason. As technology keeps advancing, the turbo cars are getting faster, are super consistent and much more reliable.

Garrett Turbochargers is at the forefront of this movement because they are always pushing the boundaries and creating some of the best turbos on the market. Garret has just released the new G42 series turbo. According to Harut Stepanyan of Garett, “This new turbo is a clean sheet design similar to the G25.” The G42 has a brand new center housing which is compact and offers an increased sealing design.

The G42 also offers a better compressor wheel and turbine wheel which makes it more efficient for better flow. This will allow someone to make more horsepower but in the same size package. The blades were lightened up as much a possible without sacrificing durability, and an aluminum back plate was utilized to keep the weight of the turbo at a minimum.

The G42 is designed to work with a variety of engines as small as a 2.0-liter all the way up to a 7.0-liter. The G42-1200 is good for up to 1200-horsepower while the G42-1450 will make up to 1450-horsepower.

If you would like more information on the G42 or any of the other new turbos from Garret, be sure and check them out at You can see their latest products, download the latest catalog and find out where to purchase a new turbocharger and turbocharger components.

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