VP Racing Fuels Now Offers Stay Frosty Coolant

VP Racing Fuels Now Offers Stay Frosty Coolant

When it comes to fuels and additives for high-performance use, VP Racing Fuels is regarded as a leader in the industry. But now, the company has expanded to not only light the fire, but also help keep engines running at an acceptable temperature – enter Stay Frosty coolant. There are two versions of the new coolant. One is for high performance “street engines,” and the other is formulated for the racing enthusiast.

“Stay Frosty is a proprietary coolant that has been formulated for engines that require additional protection from overheating,” said Andy Deel, Division Manager of VP Consumer Products. “In street and off-road uses, operating temperatures are reduced by up to 25 degrees when compared to conventional glycol-based coolants. For race applications, the ready-to-use Stay Frosty race formula can reduce temperatures by as much as 100 degrees, and since there’s no glycol, track surfaces won’t get slippery if there’s a spill or leak.”

We all know that overheating an engine will not only ruin your day, but can cause significant, costly damage. The technology VP Racing employed in this new coolant delivers two more products aimed at helping engines stay healthy.

Just to clarify, this is not the company’s Cool Down coolant enhancer. This is a new formulation of coolant that is sure to help enthusiasts keep their cool – on and off the track.

For more information about VP and the many products it makes for racers, enthusiasts, and general consumers, visit the VP Racing website by clicking here.

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