Adding Strength To Your Rearend With A Strange 9-Inch Unit

Adding Strength To Your Rearend With A Strange 9-Inch Unit

Horsepower shows no mercy to the driveline components on any racecar, so if you’re in the game of making tons of power you need to have these parts ready for the assault of each pass. The rearend of a racing vehicle is where everything is transferred to the tires and if it isn’t up to the task of what you’re trying to do it will be the final failure point. Strange Engineering helps reduce rearend failures by providing high-quality Ford 9-inch rearends.

The Ford 9-inch design has been around for decades and Strange has worked on improving that design so it can deal with high horsepower applications. Strange has also enhanced the cases that hold the differentials that live inside their 9-inch rearends.

The mild steel 9-inch housing is the basic unit that Strange offers and it’s jig-welded to make sure it stays true. There are internal gussets and a wide-web design used with the mild steel rearend to provide it with as much strength as possible. These rearends can be purchased as just a housing, with blank tubes attached, or with suspension mounting points for different applications.

To work with the mild steel rearend Strange has several different Nodular iron cases. These different cases offer a range of differential and axle sizes from 28- up to 40-splines. There are several bearing size options for the Nodular cases to help add strength based on your application. Both the Strange S-Case and Pro Iron case can use any of these options.

If you’re trying to rotate the earth with horsepower you might need to step up to the Strange Ultra Fab line of 9-inch housings. These housings use a triangulated design for the most strength possible to defend against deflection that will damage differentials, gears, and axles. The Ultra Fab case has special built-in gussets for durability, and it can use floater kits if you need to harness close to 3,000 horsepower.

For the more race-oriented applications of the Ultra Fab rearends Strange has their HD and Ultra Case lines. Each of these will work with posi units or spools and have heavy-duty pinion supports. The Ultra Case is for vehicles that are churning out more than 1,500 horsepower on the street or strip. For these big horsepower applications the Ultra Case can use the larger 40-spline spools, plus it will work with 9-inch, 9.5-inch, and 10-inch gear sizes.

Check out this video where Strange Engineering’s Wil Mateo and J.C. Cascio cover everything you need to know about these rearends and cases.

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