Baer Releases New Brakes for the CTS-V, S550, and Foxbody

Baer Releases New Brakes for the CTS-V, S550, and Foxbody

Baer Brakes brought a few new goodies to the drag racing market at this year’s PRI; showing their versatility and interest in streetable, easy-to-use parts for those needing more reassurance and traction at the drag strip.

New CTS-V Brakes and Suspension Package Accommodates 15-inch Drag Wheels and Tires

For the Cadillac CTS-V, their new SS drag racing brake allows owners to use a fifteen-inch wheel with a drag slick. As these cars come supercharged from the factory and make massive power quite easily—some cars getting into the nine-second-range on the stock blower—big tires are becoming more and more of a necessity for the growing CTS-V drag market. For the determined enthusiast, this brake kit provides perfect compromise between packaging and reassuring braking performance.

This smaller CTS-V setup features a four-piston caliper and a two-piece, eleven-inch rotor.

Upgraded Brake System for S550 Mustangs

For the heavy and mega-powerful S550 Mustang, Baer’s developed the SS4 2.0+. To address the need for added braking ability, this upgraded rear brake system features a thicker, bigger rotor and a four-piston caliper in similar dimensions. The directional-vented rotor—measuring 12″ x 1.1″—is almost doubled in thickness over the stock unit, but is still lighter by about five pounds per corner.

Therefore, this dust- and weather-sealed rotor is a DOT-approved, direct bolt-in replacement offers ambitious drag racers the ability to run safely without any setbacks on the street.

Re-engineered Hydoboost Master Cylinder for Coyote Transplants into Fox Body Mustangs

Baer’s re-engineered Hydroboost master helps facilitate Coyote installs into Fox-body Mustangs

With many Fox body owners transplanting Coyotes into their cars, they’re hard-pressed to find a brake booster they can shoehorn into the engine bay along with the massive motor. Some of these swappers use the ’99-’01 Cobra’s Hydroboost unit, and Baer’s built a re-master that directly bolts on.

It’s a shorter master cylinder than stock, fully machined in aluminum, and available in left- or right-port. Cosmetically appealing, simple, and easy to use, this should help people make the most of the new Coyote in a Foxbody’s 3,200-pound body.

For more information on these products visit Baer’s site here.


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