Cloyes New Single Roller Undersized Timing Set

Cloyes New Single Roller Undersized Timing Set

Engine builders that line bore their main journals often need an undersized timing chain set to maintain the proper chain tension. The pros at Cloyes have been making sets for this purpose for years, but they had something new up their sleeve this year. Cody Smith, Cloyes’ Technical Support Manager, tells us that their new single roller 0.005-inch undersized timing set is the only one on the market. “These are perfect for anyone that gets their journals line honed and need an undersized set.”

In addition to the new 0.005-inch undersize timing set, the single roller for LS applications is available in:

  • Hex-A-Just for the LS1/LS2/LS6 (Part #9-3158AZ-5)
  • Hex-A-Just for LS2 (Part #9-3172AZ-5)
  • 9-Key Billet for LS1/LS2/LS6 (Part #9-3658TX9Z-5)
  • 3-Key Billet for LS7 (Part #9-3667TX9Z-5)
  • 9-Key Billet for LS2 (Part #9-3672TX9Z-5)
  • The new 0.005-inch Undersize Z-Chain for LS engines

The GM small-block Chevy engines can also be helped with Cloyes new 0.005-inch undersize timing set. The full range of small-block Chevy includes:

  • SBC Hex-A-Just (Part #9-3100AZ-5)
  • SBC 9-Key Billet (Part #9-3600TX9Z-5)
  • SBC 0.005-inch Undersize Z-Chain (Part #9-130Z-5)

For more information on the new 0.005-inch Undersize Z-Chain, or their other fine products, visit them online at

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