Cranking Up The Spark With ACCEL Performance Distributors

Cranking Up The Spark With ACCEL Performance Distributors

Dealing with time-consuming and frustrating ignition problems can suck the joy out of a high-performance car quickly. The best defense for situations like this is to have a good offense and that comes from a strong distributor. ACCEL’s Performance Distributors give you that intense spark needed to keep an engine with extra horsepower lit and running strong.

If you don’t use an ignition system that’s designed for a street/strip application you’re asking for trouble. There are many headaches that can come from an underpowered ignition system, from a lack of punch in the throttle, to tuning problems like an engine having complications with its timing. By upgrading ignition parts like your distributor these obstacles can be removed from the horsepower generation equation.

ACCEL developed their Performance Distributors with a freshly designed cast aluminum housing to make them more durable than previous models. At the end of each distributor is a high-quality gear to ensure the best possible engagement and longevity. The ACCEL Performance Distributors now also come with sintered bushings that are longer so they have an extended lifespan. Engines that have computer requirements can use the ACCEL Performance Distributors because all factory connections are included. All of the ACCEL Performance Distributors are plug and play, so you just need to pull them out of the box and add them to your ignition system.

Check out this video from Holley where ACCEL’s Ray Frescas covers how the ACCEL Performance Distributors can upgrade your vehicle’s performance. To see all the different applications where these distributors are available to make sure you check out the ACCEL website right here.

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