Edelbrock Introduces Its New Musi 632 Crate Engine

Edelbrock Introduces Its New Musi 632 Crate Engine

Edelbrock and Pat Musi Racing Engines are two companies that push the boundaries of high-performance engines and now they are taking things two a new level. Pat Musi Racing Engines has been working with Edelbrock for almost 20 years and are bringing a 632 cubic-inch crate engine created specifically for Top Sportsman and Top Dragster Racing to racers that uses great parts from Edelbrock. 

The Musi family has decades of racing experience from Pat himself racing in the NHRA, to his daughter Lizzy who has competed in both Top Sportsman and Pro Nitrous in the PDRA. That experience has translated into Musi developing the Musi 632 for Edelbrock that will produce 1,250 horsepower naturally aspirated and 1,650 horsepower on nitrous.

The Musi 632 will be available as a complete engine with Edelbrock Big Victor 12 degree cylinder heads that Musi has worked over. The rest of the engine will feature many top-shelf parts to make sure it provides plenty of power for racers who want to participate in fast bracket racing classes.

You will also be able to get the individual parts that make up the Musi 632 including the special 12-degree Edelbrock cylinder heads, along with Victor Musi Big-Block Chevy 24 degree CNC cylinder heads, Super Victor II CNC intake manifold, and Big Victor 2 Spread-Port Tall Deck intake manifold.

According to Pat Musi, this new line of engines is a natural progression of what they have been doing in the Pro Mod racing world.

“We’ve been producing engines similar to this for some time and working with Edelbrock on development products. This new engine package is taking what we have learned building Pro Nitrous cars that run 3.70s, and bringing that technology to sportsman racers. Now, a racer will get one of these engines with a tune-up to get started, and they can concentrate on working with their car more while not have to tweak the engine package as much.”

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