EFILive Offers Cummins Owners More Tuning Options

EFILive Offers Cummins Owners More Tuning Options

Electronic fuel injection changed the course of how vehicles functioned and opened up new avenues for performance applications. The computers that control EFI systems are complex beasts that require a fair amount of knowledge to manipulate by performance enthusiasts. EFILive now offers those who use the Cummins engine platform a way to tune their vehicles for maximum performance.

The Cummins function for EFILive has been unlocked and now offers more tunability for the robust engine platform. The new EFILive option for Cummins engines provides more parameters to EFI tuners to change and extract even more performance that previously wasn’t available.

According to Lorenzo Zamora from SoCal Diesel, these new functions from EFILive will let truck owners add performance and other options.

“The biggest benefit with this platform is the custom operating system that EFILive offers. If someone has a truck they drag race they can build a daily driving tune when the vehicle is on the street so it has good driveability. When it comes time to go racing, they can use the custom operating system to activate their race-oriented tune. That makes the truck more dynamic with five different tunes that can be created through timing, fuel, and air changes. It can also be used to go from a standard driving tune to a racing tune, to a towing tune.”

The new options also allow users to seamlessly flash their trucks without having to use additional third-party products. This eliminates the possibility of there being a data transfer issue that will render the vehicle unable to function.

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