Favorite Drag Racing Movies?


What are your favorite drag racing movies? For me personally I like:

**Two Lane Blacktop-** Two guys drive a 454 powered 55 Chevy from town to town drag racing. They get in a long cross country race with a 1970 GTO but stop to do more drag racing along the way.

**Hot Rod 1979-** Not the Lonely Island movie. But a made for TV movie from 1979 with a lot of heart. The movie is about a man who shows up in a small California town to compete in the “Munn’s Rootbeer Nationals.” He wrecks his Hemi Powered Plymouth Belvedere. With the help of new friends he salvages the 426 Hemi and A833 4 speed and puts them into the body of a 41 Willys Coupe to take down the Munn’s Rootbeer team in the Munn’s Rootbeer nationals. The movie is an excellent look at vintage Sportsman racing, when most of the classes ran heads up or with Headstarts before being replaced with Index Racing.

**American Graffiti-** 32 Ford vs 55 Chevy on Paradise Road. Do I need to say more?

**Deuce Coupe 1992-** Little Seen Movie from the early 90s that takes place in the late 50s. A coming of age story where two bothers build a 32 Ford coupe hot rod that’s the fastest in town. The older brother leaves to become a fighter pilot and the younger brother carries on his legacy as the fastest drag racing in town.

**John Milner’s Scenes from More American Graffiti-** A Youtube took the time to edit all of John Milner’s scenes from More American Graffiti. The scenes take place during an amateur top fuel event from 1964. It features plenty of Slingshot dragsters and Steve Evans announces. It can be viewed here

What is your favorite drag racing movie?


**The Hollywood Knights** – I completely forgot about the Hollywood Knights! It takes place in 1965 in LA and features plenty of classic cars cruising and drag racing. A 55 Chevy Nomad, an AC Cobra, a RailJob T-bucket roadster and most famously Popular Hot Rodding’s Project X a Blown 57 Chevy Bel Air that does a small wheel stand. Not as good as American Graffiti but a fun movie none the less.


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