FiTech’s New High-Performance Fuel Cells

FiTech's New High-Performance Fuel Cells

The smallest details of a build are what can take it from just functional to amazing, and a detail that might be easily overlooked is what you’re putting your fuel in. Using a basic fuel cell will work, but if you are trying to make your vehicle extra special, it’s a part that can easily be upgraded. FiTech’s new line of fuel cells are exactly what you need if you want to add great detail to your project vehicle.

Seeing an opportunity to improve the basic idea of a fuel cell FiTech has packed many features into their new line of fuel cells. The FiTech fuel cells are available in 6-gallon, 15-gallon, and 20-gallon sizes. Each cell has been precision welded, robotically, and has the sending units already installed. The cells all come with locking racing caps and a return port that has a rollover valve built in.

FiTech’s Lloyd Hunt explains that these tanks not only hold your fuel of choice, but it can also pump it out to meet the high-horsepower needs of whatever you have under the hood.

“These fuel cells are designed for any racing application, or where someone doesn’t want to use an OEM-style tank and wants a race-style tank,” Hunt says. Each cell is available with a single 340-liter per-hour pump or dual 340-liter per-hour pumps. The single will handle up to 800 horsepower and the dual setup will handle up to 1,600 horsepower.”

The FiTech fuel cell will work with any power adder application, EFI application, and carburetor applications. However, if you decide to use the fuel cell with a carbureted engine application you will need to add a bypass regulator into the system since the cells use EFI fuel pumps.  

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